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Foods for Constipation

16 Foods for Constipation Relief and Prevention: Relieve Your Bowels Now!

Foods that Fight Constipation

It seems more and more people everyday are suffering from constipation. Unfortunately, the standard American/Canadian diet is extremely low in fiber, which is the main cause of constipation. That means increasing fiber intake is as vital to getting regular, which is 3 poops a day.

That number may come as shock to most who are barely making 1 poop a day, and that’s just a representation of how bad things have gotten for you.

But don’t worry, after utilizing this list of foods that fight constipation and combing those with a natural laxative, herbal remedy like Poop Pills, we’ll have you back to the way nature intended in no time!

Relieve Your Bowels Now!

Here are some high fiber foods that can help you fight constipation. A good rule of thumb is to have a serving of such foods with every meal and try to go organic as often as possible.

The best constipation fighters include the following:

Foods for Constipation

1. Prunes and Raisins. Yes, grandmother was right. These dried fruits are a tremendous source of fiber and of vitamins and minerals.

They also make a really great snack if eaten on their own. One nifty trick is to add prunes and raisins to other dishes such as oatmeal.

2. Oatmeal especially steal cut oatmeal is rich in fiber and fairly cheap. Try having a bowl of it for breakfast every day without the milk.

Substitute the dairy for almond or coconut milk (they’re both cheaper than dairy and won’t trigger constipation).

Try also adding prunes, raisins, bananas, apple sauce or toast for variety. Use natural flavorings such as maple syrup or raw honey. Believe it or not oatmeal also tastes great when mixed with olive oil which is a great source of Omega three fatty acids.

3. Bananas. They’re high in fiber and tasty. Simple enough right!?

4. Peppermint Herbal Tea. This tasty concoction relaxes your intestinal tract and helps you get regular again. Combine with raw honey before bed for a delectable treat and don’t worry, the honey what keep you up… It’ll actually help you fall asleep!

5. Dark green vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, kale, collard greens, mustard greens, and spinach. They’re rich in fiber and in vitamins and minerals. Try eating cooked greens for lunch and spinach salad for dinner. The more you utilize raw salads the better.

6. Flaxseeds. They are rich in fiber and in Omega 3 fatty acids. Try mixing them into smoothies, salads and other foods.

7. Carrots. They are high in fiber and taste great when eaten raw. Carrots make a great healthy low calorie snack.

8. Beans. Yes, the old wisdom is true: beans can help you be regular and they are a great source of protein. Try eating fresh beans without meat. Beans flavored with hot peppers and garlic make a great meat alternative.

9. Pineapples, both as a fruit and as a juice. Pineapple is a great way to regulate the digestive system. Try eating it fresh every day or drinking a glass of it. Avoid most store bought pineapple juices because they contain sugar and apple juice. Blah, very bad for causing constipation!

10. Fruits such as figs, pears, apples, and peaches. They’re high in fiber and very nutritious. Make sure that you eat them fresh for maximum results.

11. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Juicing gives you lots of fiber and it gives you lots of liquid to hydrate your body. For best results, buy a juicer and make your own. You can use it to wash down your Poop Pills.

foods for constipation

12. Tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in fiber and in minerals so they’re very good for colon health and regularity. Tomato juice is a great means of getting hydration and nutrition.

13. Whole grains in pasta, bread, and other common foods. They help you get fiber and reduce your consumption of refined flour. Make sure that your whole grain baked goods don’t contain a lot of sugar which defeats the purpose.

14. Jerusalem Artichokes, both cooked and as pasta, are a great high fiber food that’s really tasty.

15. Soups especially cleansing soups and kale soups are great constipation fighters because they hydrate you. If you can eat a bean or kale soup that’s high in fiber, you can cleanse your colon and increase regularity.

16. Quinoa. The Peruvian super grain contains twice as much fiber as almost any other grain and it is high in protein. That makes it a perfect meat alternative.

Make sure that you have one or two servings of any of these foods at every meal. If possible, have two or more servings of the foods at each meal for optimal results at defeating your constipation issues.

These foods will not help you if you don’t take other steps to fight constipation such as drinking lots of water, getting plenty of exercise, cleansing, taking Poop Pills, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. A diet will not help you get regular if you don’t improve your overall health.