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Why You Need to Cleanse Your Bowels!

Why You Need to Cleanse Your Bowels!

Imagine your body to be like a high performance car, let’s even go with a Ferrari for the example. Just as your Ferrari’s mechanical systems need to be flushed out occasionally to keep it running smooth, so do your bowels and your colon.

If you don’t flush that Ferrari’s systems out, they will get jammed up with all manner of crud and debris leading to it’s pre-mature breakdown. Your digestive system is exactly the same way: it can get jammed up with all manner of garbage from a variety of sources such as toxins in the food you’re eating, the environment and negative and emotional stressors.

When the garbage backs up within your bowels, it can become terribly infected and lead to all manner of health problems including upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and worse.

If you want to avoid a lot of these problems, you’ll need to cleanse or flush out your bowels occasionally. This process which is sometimes called detoxification is designed to literally wash out your system. It can get rid of fungus, bacteria, viruses, and garbage.

Cleansing 101

Cleansing is not necessarily that hard or that technical, in fact, most people find it very simple and very relieving to get the trash out. The simplest and most basic cleanse to start with is to simply drink large amounts of water (several glasses a day) to flush out your system and restore some health and regularity.

Water cleansing can be highly effective for most Americans and Canadians because in North America, we simply don’t get enough water and hydration in our diets or through our lifestyles. Many of the thirst quenchers we do consume, including coffee, energy drinks, soda pop, and alcohol actually dehydrate the body!

Other kinds of cleansing such as the master cleanse work by adding lemon juice and other ingredients or spices (cayenne pepper) to your water. These can work well, particularly for those trying to lose weight because it helps purify the intestines and gets them moving along smoothly which washes out excess waste.

Detoxification soups and other popular detoxification methods generally work by flushing out the colon. This system can be healthy but it can also be very destructive in some ways that people don’t realize.

How Cleansing can Go Wrong

Cleansing can go very wrong because in some cases the cleanse takes out too much. That is, it takes out the good bacteria in intestines which your body needs to properly digest food and to control infections. Without them, people can become terribly infected.Why You Need to Cleanse Your Bowels!

The horrendous Clostridium difficile or C.diff infection is a bacterial infection that cannot be controlled by normal antibiotics. It often results when a person uses certain antibiotics that kill the good bacteria. C.diff is becoming much more common because many people don’t get enough good gut bacteria.

Another reason why many people develop infections like C.diff is that they drink chlorinated and fluoridated water (most municipal water) which also kills the good bacteria. Others who are vulnerable are those with weakened immune systems and serious health problems.

Poop Pills Save The Day!

Poop Pills are a revolutionary new product that contains a mixture of natural herbs that also act as natural antibiotics. These organic pills kill the infections that create the problems in the bowels after cleansing and help restore normal bowel movements.

Taking Poop Pills after cleansing is one of the best ways to combat constipation and to prevent serious infections. Cleansing can clear out the bacteria and toxins that can damage your body and your digestive system while the Poop Pills synergistically restore the natural balance of the digestive system. Poops Pills also help to sync your system up for future normal bowel movements.

Many people don’t have to take more than two to three capsules before seeing normal movements return. The results seen from these products can be astounding according to the testimonials from people just like you who’re getting started on cleansing their bodies.

A Cleanse in a Pill

The best way to think of Poop Pills is that each pill is a cleanse in a capsule. Each one is designed to kill the pathogens that cause constipation and other stomach problems, even some of the powerful infections such as C.diff.

When a person combines Poop Pills with other steps against constipation such as getting plenty of exercise and changing her diet, the results can be staggering such as the person experiencing loads more energy, vibrancy and clarity in their thinking. When you’re body isn’t backed up and clogged with “poop” it can focus on maintaining your energy levels and good health.

Why You Need to Cleanse Your Bowels!

Something to remember is that everybody is different; persons with serious infections may need to take pills for several days while those with limited infections will need fewer.

Poop Pills are potent but they are not magic. You will need to take them for a few days to achieve results. The average person should see a return to regularity in about a week. Other symptoms such as upset stomach, gas, and bloating might disappear sooner. Hooray! You can feel good again!

A warning for you: If the symptoms don’t go away or get worse, the person will need to see a medical professional. There are some causes of constipation that are serious health problems that only a doctor can treat.

Most cases of constipation can be cleared up through Poop Pills as can most cases of upset stomach. Even some other problems like yeast infections, hemorrhoids, and colitis might get cleared up.

The great thing about Poop Pills is that unlike most cleansing products, you can take them for a long period of time to keep yourself (your Ferrari) running smoothly and regular.

It probably took years for you to clog up and damage your bowel with lousy food, lack of exercise, and infections but the amazing thing about the body is that it can begin to heal your bowel in a matter days or weeks when provided with the right tools.

What to Take with Poop Pills

Most people should consume a probiotic  supplement or food such as organic yogourt, sauerkraut, raw kombucha with Poop Pills because they can kill some of the good bacteria in the gut. Those bacteria are the key to digestion and a shortage of them can lead to serious infections including C.diff.

Why You Need to Cleanse Your Bowels!

You should consume the pills with food in order to get the maximum effect. Some people will benefit from adding a normal cleansing regimen to Poop Pills.

Most observers believe that you will have to be patient because it takes several days to work. Persons with stubborn infections may need to take it for several weeks.

When to Cleanse the Bowels

Basically, you will need to cleanse the bowels with a product such as poop pills if you have one of the following problems:

  • Upset stomach or heartburn that doesn’t go away.

  • Food allergies

  • Constipation

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Diarrhea that doesn’t go away

  • Fatigue which is often caused by yeast infections

  • A yeast infection or jock itch

  • Dizziness – another symptom of a yeast infection

  • Coughing

  • Cold or flu like symptoms that don’t go away.

  • Bloating

  • Lack of energy

  • Insomnia

  • Inability to concentrate

All of these problems can be caused by bowel infections. When you use Poop Pills combined with a healthy diet, plenty of water, and exercise you can cure and alleviate symptoms all your symptoms.

Everyone can benefit from a regular bowel cleanse and now Poop Pills make cleansing faster and easier than ever before.

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