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The Best Cleanse for Weight Loss

The Best Cleanse for Weight Loss

Losing Weight with a Bowel Cleanse

And the best cleanse for weight Loss goes to… the bowel cleanse!

Popularly called a colon cleanse, bowel cleanses are extremely effective at helping you lose weight but that alone can’t be all you rely on!

The most effective way to lose weight is by combining lifestyle changes such as exercise, getting eight hours of optimal sleep a night, and eating a proper diet with a bowel cleanse.

The thing to keep in mind is that, weight loss is often one of the side effects of a successful bowel cleanse, but it is not the primary goal or benefit.

Bowel cleansing products such as Poop Pills are designed as treatments for constipation and other digestive tract ailments, not as a weight loss product in its own right.

Warning: If you are not suffering from constipation, diarrhea or other digestive problems, you should not take Poop Pills or cleanse. Cleansing is designed as a treatment for digestive problems, not weight loss.

How Cleansing can Help You Lose Weight

While Poop pills were not primarily designed to cut fat, they can still be very effective at helping you lose weight as because some of the health problems related to constipation can cause weight gain.

Poop pills can help successfully clear up the constipation and alleviate the conditions that cause it, thus increasing your chances of losing weight.

Constipation can cause weight gain for several reasons. These reasons include the following:

  • Bloating is often a symptom of digestive system problems cleansing can relieve.

  • The infections that cause constipation often cause chronic fatigue, insomnia, and other conditions that limit your ability to exercise and lose weight. Poop Pills are a natural antibiotic that can relieve these conditions.

  • Cleansing can get rid of fecal matter that adds weight. Note that cleansing cannot get rid of excess fat or relieve obesity as some promoters claim.

  • A lack of hydration, exercise and healthy movements such as getting up from your computer chair from time to time.

How to Make Cleansing for Weight Loss more Effective

Cleansing can only help you lose weight if you do it as part of a complete change of lifestyle. If you don’t change your lifestyle, cleansing cannot help you lose weight and keep the pounds off.

As an added benefit, just know that people who successfully cleanse often have more energy which enables them to exercise more and lose weight.

Steps for Effective Weight Loss Cleansing:

  • Stop eating red meat. It’s high in saturated fat, growth hormones and antibiotics which all mess with your system and pack on the pounds. Red meat is one of the most difficult foods to digest which causes constipation.

  • Limit your consumption of dairy products which are also high in saturated fat and cause constipation.

    The Best Cleanse for Weight Loss

  • Try to get most of your nutrients from organic fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables which are high in fiber and nutrients.

  • Switch to plant based forms of protein such as beans and quinoa which are high in fiber but low in saturated fat.

  • Stop eating refined sugar and flour which also cause constipation and pack on the pounds. Sugar is one of the leading causes of constipation.

  • Drink several glasses of water each day.

  • Try cleansing with Poop Pills to eliminate infections that cause constipation and other stomach problems.

  • Take a good probiotic or eat probiotic foods such as yogurt and sauerkraut on a more regular basis.

  • Try to get a half hour to an hour of exercise every day.

  • Limit the amount of sitting you do because sitting can cause constipation.

  • Eat cleansing foods such as prunes and raisins every day.

Cleansing does not lead to Instant Weight Loss

It will take time, usually a few weeks, to notice any weight loss from cleansing.

Cleansing is not a diet that causes quick weight loss but rather for long term weight loss.

One interesting effect that some people report is that although they didn’t lose any weight on the scales they noticed getting a flatter stomach after cleansing!

This occurs because the cleanse eliminates pathogens that cause gas build up and bloating in your digestive tract. Some of the infections that cause constipation, particularly yeast infections, will cause bloating.

Cleanses can also get rid of some other symptoms of such infections such as food cravings which lead to unhealthy eating and weight gain. Many overeat because of food cravings caused by such problems. An increase in appetite is one common symptom of yeast symptoms.

Poop Pills can clear up yeast infections which cause those cravings. They can also get rid of poor digestion and food allergies which also cause people to overeat. Even when Poop Pills clear up such symptoms, a person will still have to change his or her diet and exercise to lose weight.

Why You Should Cleanse

Even though cleansing does not automatically lead to weight loss, it is still something that almost everyone should do. The average American or Canadian has a gut full of 5 -20 pounds of fecal matter and destructive pathogens because of an accumulation of toxins within the body from eating poorly, negative and emotional stress and toxins in their environment.

The situation is made worse because the standard American/Canadian diet does not contain the natural infection fighters such as organic cayenne pepper and aloe leaf found in Poop Pills and other remedies. That means the body lacks the ammunition it needs to kill off such pathogens and eliminate yeast infections and other causes of constipation.

Many people make these situations worse because they eat a diet that encourages constipation and they lack the focus to exercise. This lifestyle as we all know leads to obesity and unhealthy living. Many people who adopt cleansing and a no constipation lifestyle start losing weight and by maintaining that lifestyle, can keep it off for good.

Keep in mind that the only way to achieve permanent weight loss is to improve your overall health. Cleansing can be part of a strategy to improve your overall health but it cannot do that alone. Only a program of lifestyle changes that can include cleansing and Poop Pills will lead to permanent weight loss changes.

Cleansing using Poop Pills can be a great first step on the road to weight loss and feeling better.

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