Health Consultations

So you’re not feeling so good these days, huh?

Well, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place! Not only have we both been through our own share of health struggles, we have put together a set of proven techniques that truly work to heal the body.

It doesn’t matter how sick you are, this is information that everybody should know about and must apply.

Personalized Herbal Consultations

Are you confused as to what supplements to take, how to take them and when to take them? There is much chaos and misguided information out there in the world and especially on the internet. This can become very confusing and frustrating to say the least.

The body can become unbalanced overtime with improper sleep, stress, poor diet to name a few. It is essential to restore balance back to the body, and you can do this with essential Chinese tonic herbs and superfoods.

If you’re interested in nurturing your body, mind and soul than it’s time to get a personalized “Health Consultation.”

Consultations are available in person and over the phone.

Step 1

Our first step is talking with you one-on-one to figure out what the problem is. That’s right, we simply want to talk with you to see what may be going on here. We give every client a free 30-minute health consultation so that both sides are comfortable in proceeding forward with the healing process. If, after our talk, you’re comfortable enough to get to the bottom of these symptoms and treat the root cause, we’ll begin step 2!

Email us to set your appointment. We have developed software known as the Health Symptoms Analyzer which has become very popular in the health community. You will need to do the health questionnaire before we do a consultation so we can properly assess your situation better.

Here’s what to expect:

After you complete the check out process you will receive a customized questionnaire, which will allow us to get a clear picture of your situation and what we will help you achieve.

Once we receive your questionnaire we will outline a list of recommendations and prescriptions for your situation. From there we will get on the Phone or Skype and go over this outline together to get your transformations under way.

You will receive a copy of our outline as well as an MP3 Recording of our session.

The price of health

Currently we are offering 30 minute one-on-one health consultation sessions for $97 USD. You can buy a package of 3, 5, 10 for bulk pricing. Contact us for additional pricing.

Review the best options for your Health Goals!




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